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Macintosh is a series of Apple computers, manufactured and sold by Apple computers since 1984. Apple is largely attributed with starting of the trend of making computers that are easy for people to use and promote the idea that anyone can find computers useful. Macintosh is very popular among graphic and web designers, the 1st developed and produced Mac was the unique one. Because this was the 1st personal computer people can have.

Mac has many featu8res due to which people love this device so much, it has a graphical user interface, built-in screen, and mouse, it works with Mac OS, it offers the user to do things that you can’t do on other computers because this computer is designed specifically for the hardware.

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Features of Mac computer

Like any other computer Mac also comes with its own highlighting features that make it possible to operate smoothly and compete with the other computer manufacturing companies.

  • Versatile: It comes in various models, one of the most famous Mac is iMac, in which the computer is built-in to a screen.
  • Mac OS: All Macs works with Mac OS, but in the models released after 2006 you can install Windows also.
  • Efficient working: It is proficient in all the work a PC can do like word processing, playing videos and music, playing games etc.
  • More secure: The Mac OS is far more secure from viruses and malware than Windows OS computers.

Snags user find with Mac

Although Mac is an outstanding computer, and it seems like this device can never go through any problem. But sometimes Mac computers also give inconvenience to the users. Some of the common issues with Mac computers are as follows:

  • Startup issue: Sometimes when you start the Mac computer, it fails to boot properly and the gray startup screen doesn’t open, instead the user sees a blank screen.
  • Incompatible login items: sometimes when the user starts the computer, they get a blue screen instead of the start screen. That means one of the startup items which starts automatically is not compatible with the Mac OS.
  • Spinning beach ball: Users often see the spinning beach ball continuously which means that some app or program in the Mac is slowing down and becoming unresponsive.

These were some information about Mac computer, it’s an amazing product but the user gets frustrating when it gets any problem, in that situation Users can contact on Mac customer support number and get help from technical executives.