ITune Customer Care Number

iTunes is a media management software developed by Apple developers for both Mac OS and Windows OS. This software or application can be used to play music and videos on a computer or cell phone. It offers a well-organized way to manage videos, audios, or movies. Also, you can but videos and songs through this application. This application allows the user to arrange the music into a playlist, edit information, copy files, and buy music and videos from the inbuilt music store. To get more information about iTunes, contact on the iTunes customer support number.

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Qualities of iTunes

iTunes is a media player software and application, apart from this, iTunes comes with its own different features.

  • Ping: Ping is one of the newest feature added by Apple in iTunes. This allows the user to socially connect with their favorite artists.
  • Auto-Syncing: iTunes can detect all the information needed from the computer or cell phone automatically about the user. You can disable this feature from the settings.
  • Smart Playlist: You can create a playlist of your favorite songs using the framework on iTunes. The framework can depend on anything you want, like genre, artist etc.
  • Genius: This is also a newly added feature in iTunes. In this feature, you can choose a song and it will make a playlist for you using the type of song you chose.
  • iTunes Store: iTunes Store is an important part of iTunes application, you can buy music and videos from this in-built store in iTunes.


iTunes is an incredibly amazing software due to which people appreciate it so much, but at the same time, when people get any error with iTunes, they get frustrated. Let’s discuss some issues with iTunes.

  • Synchronization issue: Syncing is one the most occurring problem with iTunes. Many people complaint every month for this syncing problem that their iTunes sync is not working, because they are unable to sync their iOS device.
  • Match feature not working: You can face the problem with the match feature when this feature doesn’t work at all. The tracks don’t match and download get cancel in the middle of the downloading process.
  • Sharing issue: Sometimes the home sharing feature cause problems and makes you unable to share iTunes library across a common network.
  • Media files not responding: Sometimes the media files become unusable when the tagging features stop working.
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