IPad Customer Care Number

iPad is the line of computers and tablets developed by Apple Inc. This device works on the iOS operating system. This device has a user-friendly interface with a multi-touch screen and virtual keypad. Most iPad models support cellular connectivity and Wi-Fi. You can stream videos & audios, take photos, web browsing, emailing etc. there are several other features an iPad offers like games, GPS navigation, social networking and much more. All these features make the iPad an unbeaten and efficient device.

iPad is one of the most famous devices Apple has launched. Apple products have a good reputation all around the world. This device is so much cooler but when the users find any error while working this Apple product they get irritated. So, in these type of situations, iPad customer care number is always reachable and ready to provide the solution to iPad users.

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Some attributes of an iPad

  • Form Factor: iPad is a flat tablet computer which has 9.5 inches long and 7.31 inches wide screen with 1.44 pounds weight. The thickness of the latest iPad is 0.34 inches.
  • Technical specifications: The new iPad has Apple’s A5X processor, a system on a chip design which combines two ARM Cortex A9 central processor and a PowerVR SGX 543MP4 graphic processor. It comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage. The screen is designed with Apple’s Retina technology.
  • Closed design: Unlike other tablet computers, many of which have ports for USB and HDMI connectors and SD memory slots, the iPad has only the standard Apple docking port. The iPad has a Bluetooth technology, which enables you to use accessories such as keyboards, and its dock connector mates with a camera and video adapters.

Common hiccups with an iPad

iPad is an outstanding device, yet sometimes the users find error with it. Some of the common and basic issues are enlisted below:

  • Touch screen issues
  • Apple Id and password issue
  • Wi-Fi issue
  • Cellular network issue
  • Physical damages
  • Call drop issue
  • iPad battery issue
  • iPad safari issue

These are some common issues with iPad user face. But all of these can be easily solved with the help of customer support service.